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Soap Selection Bag


Going Traveling or simply want to be more environmentally friendly?

These bags of soap are perfect for just that! 


what will I find in my bag?

Each bag includes a selection of chunky soap sticks which are approx 30g - 50g each (give or take as they are hand cut) and a mix of various soap slithers, ends of soap, colour disortion or simply not as beautiful soap where its gone a bit wonky from my cutting skills and wont fit in our wrappers.


Each are just as good as our other soaps - they simply look different but have the same amazing qualities - at a much bigger discount!


Ingredients: These are made from a mix of skin loving oils including olive oil, caster oil & sweet almond. Please see full sized bar for full list of ingredients.


Min Bag Weight 0.200kg 








Soap Selection Bag

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