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Why is it so bad to sleep with your make up on?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

So... your night out with the girls was rockin but by the time you're back home and are dreamily imagining getting into bed, the thought of scrubbing off the mascara and fake tan is just too much. You think ‘’I might as well just leave it on & deal with it tomorrow…’’ But what does sleeping in your make-up actually do to your skin?

Is it a minor offence – or a total clanger?

When make-up is left on at night, it penetrates the sub-layers of the skin and pores clogging them with make-up which prevents your skin from rehydrating and protecting itself. You can combat this with a double cleanse the next day, don’t swerve swiping your peepers clean either as if you regularly leave mascara and eyeliner on at night, the small hair follicles and sebaceous glands on the eyelids can become clogged too, causing infection and inflammation.

Plus sleeping in mascara dries out the lashes, making them brittle and easily breakable so give them a good clean before you crash out for the night.

Getting lippy

Think left over lipstick is the least of your skin sins? Well, think again!

Left on lippy can dry lips out plus, the wax in lipstick can cause the pores around your lips to clog, leading to – yep – blackheads.

Long lasting lippy living up to its claim? Gently brushing the lips with a toothbrush and an oil-based cleanser should see it off.

Recommendations anyone? We love our Coconut & Tea Tree cleansing soap bar as its gentle enough for the face, is anti-bacterial and packed with skin loving natural oils. Shop it here for the perfect cleanse.

Now for bed… sweet dreams.

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