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The Top 5 Clean Beauty Products We're Most Excited About In 2020

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

What is clean beauty? The world of natural and organic skincare can be totally confusing with many products being labeled "non-toxic," "green," or "clean," but in reality, those terms don't really mean anything because they're not regulated. To us at Naughtons though it's about natural skincare & beauty products that ingredients are non-toxic, naturally sourced where possible & not tested on animals.

We've hauled through loads of products & taken the hard work out of the searching for you & here are our top 5 clean Naughtons Skincare approved products that we've been desperate to share with you all!


Aethic Sôvée Triple-Filter Ecocompatible Sunscreen SPF 40: £53 for 150ml

I know what you're thinking...the price tag shocked us too! Until we learned that it was the only one in the world to have a patented eco-friendly formula. Aethic has rightly acknowledged that some organic and natural ingredients can be harmful to skin and marine life, while "biodegradable" means nothing if a product degrades and still causes damage. It claims to have had every ingredient individually scientifically-tested to ensure its safety for fish and coral. The London-based company then selected the best ones with the help of a leading marine scientist, blended them together and tested the final product again. not only this but It also makes donations to marine-positive charity The Going Blue Foundation which is a plus from us!

Its also vegan friendly, It shuns zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and instead uses a naturally occurring compound found in seaweed, trademarked as Photamin, to protect your skin from the sun. BUY HERE


Burts Bees Nourishing Eyeliner Pencil in Soft Black £8.99 1.14 g

The easiest way to go from day to va va room! plus its 99.9% natural!

Its one of the key, make-up bag, essentials you need if you don't already own one! Its easy to apply, resists smudging and fading plus the peeps as Burts Bees say its specifically formulated for your delicate eye area as it’s made with Jojoba, Mango and responsibly sourced Meadowfoam Seed Oils to help nourish your skin ( plus the cedar wood pencil is also responsibly sourced too. )

We love the soft black but it also comes in two other shades too - plus being a contact lens wearer myself its all good for sensitive lens wearers, and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances. BUY HERE


Doctor Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum £15.49 100ml

We love natural oils - they replenish, revive & restore and this super serum (as we like to call it) is our fav on the market! Patchouli, cinnamon and rosewood (as if that doesn't sound good enough already?!) help to provide the stunning scent and a combination of African organic extracts including kukui, moringa and sachainchi seed means this ultra-light bioactive formulation is fast acting, and can leave hair silky-smooth, shiny and beautifully conditioned - Plus its vegan friendly.

Its available online HERE or you could probably pick this one up at a local Holland & Barrett's where you might get a check offer available.


NUI Cosmetics Natural lipstick in Colour: Pania £19.00

There are loads of colours to choose from but we loved this natural nude colour plus its matt finish! Finally a natural lippy where your hair doesn't stick to it!!!

The formula is based on the three organic oils coconut, jojoba and avocado nourishes the skin and provides lasting valuable moisture plus the high content of natural organic butters such as capuacu, mango and cocoa soothe, hydrate, protect and heal the lips and improve skin elasticity too... not to mention it's vegan friendly & colours really pop! unlike some other natural brands which are more of a gloss, this is a pout perfect lippy that deserves some attention! This one isn't available from your local super drug though but it is sold in various online stores - the cheapest we could find it at is this one here.... BUY NOW


Neal's Yard Remedies to Roll in Night Time £8.00 9ml

Feeling stressed? simply roll on your pulse points. It's that easy! We're huge fans here of Neal's Yard but this roll on in particular smells gorgeous. It's called night time but this one is good for keeping at work next to your desk, if your out & about & feeling a little stressed or if you REALLY like them as much as us, you might be tempted to just buy them all! Night Time is packed with oils including sunflower, lavender & bitter orange but all are 99.9% all natural ingredients. BUY HERE

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