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The Scent of love

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Love is in the air as it is Valentine´s Day! Ever smell something and it brings emotions & feelings together... the scent of times or faces or loved ones. The connection between scent & feelings can be strong. They can have an effect on our mood, our emotions and even on the sexual attraction we feel towards someone!

The sense of smell is sometimes underestimated but can have an intense effect of us. Thinking of the one we love, most of us can remember their particular body scent, their fragrance or their perfume. there is a strong connection between smell & memory.

The scent of nature

Smells, emotions & sexual response are all processed in the same brain area and it is thought that pheromones are partly the reason we choose our partners.

Animals are much more capable of recognizing them, because they have a specialized organ for it. However, the part of the brain that interprets these chemical messages is exactly the same in both human and animal: the hypothalamus. This little part of our brain comprises much of the limbic system, the part of our body responsible of managing our emotions, including our sexual behavior. This explains why smell can turn us on so suddenly, without us even realizing what's happening with our bodies.

How to master scent

Different people like different scents. Each are individual for example our Fresh lemon & poppy may make you think of that Thailand trip you went on pre-kids or our sweet orange & olive may make you feel uplifted & refreshed.

What ever your choice maybe lather up together this valentines day, our full range of coconut soaps will leave your skin feeling great & you smelling even better.

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