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The art of gift wrapping

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

There’s no denying that a stack of beautifully wrapped presents underneath the Christmas tree sends us into fits of joy ( I adore a beautifully wrapped gift!). An unwrapped gift seems almost naked, but have you ever wondered why we wrap gifts?

It started thousands of years ago, probably not long after paper was invented & yes, the anticipation of opening a decorative box tied up with ribbon adds to the holiday excitement, and having shiny paper of all colours and designs seems to make the experience more exciting but once its all over we are left with several trash bags loaded with the crinkled shiny paper. And that’s a lot of waste, approximately 30 million trees are cut down to make wrapping paper each year!

This year why not try a painted paper or plain kraft paper that is still gorgeous once wrapped but is at least recyclable? Ideas for wrapping can include different types of string, ribbons or why not try wax sealing for a unique gift wrapping?

We've adorned ours this year with things me & the kids have forged including pine cones & dried hydrangeas (which keep come in some gorgeous colours) & mistletoe.

The other AMAZING way I've found to gift presents is the Japanese way of furoshiki.

Its my all new fabulous way to be eco friendly when wrapping this year. Originally they used to wrap in silk but I've wrapped mine in all kinds of fabric scarfs. Youtube is full of videos but one of my favourites are by HGTV Handmade below.

Have ago & let me know how you get on.

Happy Gifting,

Alex x x

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