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Low Waste Pumpkins

Did you know more than 24 million pumpkins carved for Halloween in Britain this year will not be eaten according to new research?! Its an unbelievable amount!

It was an interesting read by The Guardian, it goes on to say that one in 7 people who celebrate it don't even regard the gourds as food, whilst only 42% realise that the fleshy innards of a pumpkin are actually edible.

Every year we grow, pick & carve pumpkins with the kids & we wash & dry the seeds for growing the following year & I use the fleshy parts for soup. This year however, our little pumpkin plants were eaten so we've got some gorgeously huge ones from our local farm.

Here's 6 ways to have low waste pumpkins this year, how to use it, rather than waste it whilst still having some fun carving...

  1. Roast the seeds

  2. Choose local options

  3. Make a face mask - our clays work amazing with it! click here for the recipe.

  4. Make pumpkin bread

  5. Compost any left overs

  6. Choose one with imperfections

Are you going to be trying any of the above? If so which ones?

How are you going to use yours?

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