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Interview with a Beauty Blogger: Guest Blogger Kirsty Meadway from @30somethingbeautyaddict

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We got up close & personal with the lovely Kirsty, who writes over at to get an inside view as to what products she uses, the top beauty hacks and what’s bang on trend for this coming Spring.

In 3 words how would you describe your beauty style:

Platinum, simple and classic.

What beauty items are you totally crushing on right now?

I love my Chantecaille eye shaddow, SKII essence and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

Spring is coming! What key products / looks can we expect to see?

More quartz (its everywhere!) and flower themed skincare.

Chanel’s Spring 2020 fashion show was all about the gloss, what’s your top tip for dewy, spring perfect skin:

Face oil.

What beauty products can you not dare to live without?

Lip balms, face oils, mascara and blusher.

Budget Beauty: What’s your top product we should all own under £5:

The Aldi face balm at £2.99 - its AMAZING!!!

Beauty Blow Out: If you were given no limit what would your blow out beauty item be? The Jo Malone Xmas advent calendar.

We love a DIY hack, what’s you no.1 for a do it yourself beauty wonder?

Creating your own hair mask - its so simple to make too! Simply add a face or body oil to a deep conditioner and leave on for at least 30 mins.

We know you love Japan, what’s the weirdest beauty product you’ve seen there?

Face sheet masks with horse oil or placenta. It’s highly likely that the placenta is from a real animal - its not my kind of thing.

Beauty fails are everyone’s worse nightmare, what’s your worst?

Leaving bleach on my hair for too long!

Running a blog is hard work but what’s the best part about it?

When you create a post that looks like art.

Name 3 blogs you totally love that we should all know about: , @youthhunter1 and @Offthelabelbeauty - I could list so many more!

For more information check out Kirsty & her amazing blog at: insta: @30_something_beauty_addict

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