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How To Mask For Your Skin Type

Even if you’re new to DIY beauty, you must have seen a Clay Face Mask pop up at least once in your social feeds & been tempted to try.

A Clay face mask is a great addition to your beauty regime as its all natural, great for your skin & easy on the pocket too. As easy as it might look though there is soooo much information out there that it can get quite confusing when you’re trying to figure out which clay mask is best for your skin type.

So we've taken every snippet of info & all that we know & popped it all in one place - just for you! How cool is that?!

So here’s an easy guide to help you figure out which type of clay to pick, how you can mix and match a make every mask perfect for your skin type! Let's go!


Here at Naughtons, we have a choice of 3 different clay's, all perfect for your skin. Each are great for pulling impurities from the skin effectively & work super well as a daily cleanser too.

Clarify & Soothe - It is so mild, it is particularly good for dry & sensitive skin with a PH of around 4-5. It also contains a number of natural minerals including calcium, magnesium, silica and zinc.

Purify & Mattify - Naturally rich in minerals, Green Clay works wonders on any type of skin, but especially on oily skin. When used regularly, it can help regenerate the skin, absorb excess sebum, gently cleanse and create a fresh complexion.

Detox & Brigthen - As a natural source of minerals, French Red Clay contains natural properties to soften the skin and reveal all its radiance. It is rich in ferric oxides that will make your skin look radiant and give your skin a natural, brightening glow.


Now you have your clay sorted it's time to think about what you are going to mix it with.

Here are a few that I love to use & why they are so good.

Water - it's free, you always have it to hand, it's all natural & mixes the clays beautifully

Honey - Raw honey is a great moisturizing addition to your face mask, plus it has anti-bacterial properties, making it a great choice for those that suffer from spots or acne.

Milk - Not only does it have an amazing cooling effect as its straight out of the fridge but it contains lactic acid which acts as a mild exfoliator helping remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Yogurt - Just like milk, yogurt is another great source of lactic acid.

It also turns the mask into a beautifully thick paste creating a creamy mask.

Apple Cider Vinegar - It's a much loved addition to clay face masks, as it can help balance the pH of the clays and can help tone the skin.

Flower water / Hydrosol - Flower water (hydrosols or hydrolats), is a natural byproduct of the distillation of essential oils. Some of the best known flower waters are rose water, lavender water and witch hazel. They can be quite pricey so I'm going to teach you a REALLY easy DIY way so you can get a similar effect - simply make a 'herbal tea'. Make a strong cup of chamomile tea for example. Scoop out 1 tablespoon and let it cool down to room temperature. Use this cold tea as the base of your face mace.

Carrier oil - They are all natural & they help replenish the skins moisture levels. There are loads to choose from but one of my favorites are grape seed oil. It’s a byproduct of the winemaking process and It’s rich in vitamin E, a nutrient thought to heal the skin and reduce wrinkles (although scientific research seems to be inconsistent). It's a lightweight oil, easily absorbed by the skin, and has a neutral scent.


Take one heaped tea spoon of your chosen clay & blend with your chosen mixer. It can be made thicker by adding more clay or thinner by adding more of your mixer. Different people prefer different thicknesses - I like mine thick so I can feel it crack when its ready but the choice is entirely yours.

Want to give you mask a little bit of something extra?

You can then add a third ingredient to really add some va va voom to your mask. This could include oats, lemon, kelp powder, another clay or soft fruit is a good choice too.


Spot Prone Skin - Purify & Mattify + Yogurt

Sensitive skin - Clarify & Soothe + Flower water

Aging Skin - Clarify & Soothe + Yogurt + Squeeze of lemon

Brightening - Detox & Brighten + White tea water

Dry Skin - Purify & Mattify + Avocado + 1tsp of Honey

Refreshening & light mask - Purify & Mattify + Cucumber Juice + 1tsp Lemon Juice

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