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The 'How to Guide' to Applying Aloe Vera

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Some will be looking at this and thinking 'what?' But to those of you who have only ever heard of the great things aloe vera can do for you but never actually tried it....its a must!

Where is aloe vera from?

Aloe vera gel is from the gorgeous aloe vera succulent plant...everyone needs one in our opinion!

It has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes, dating back to ancient Egypt. Plus even better it is available in most good garden centers if you fancy picking one up.

The plant itself is used to heal scrapes, cool sunburn, and relieve pain from minor cuts but its uses can go far beyond treating bug bites as it has become a go-to for soothing digestive tracts and has become a key ingredient in top beauty products.

How to use aloe vera

For those of you who have huge aloe vera plants then harvesting is the ultimate, totally free, way to go - for this you will need a mature plant.

For the rest of us we recommend 100% cold pressed aloe. This ensures you get all of the goodness.

Look for:100% natural, no added color, fragrance, or alcohol / Moisturizing

Great For: skin, hair, and cuticles, sunburn and razor burn after shaving, hair gel or you can even use it as a leave in conditioner.

Aloe is a thin gel that will absorb quickly with no sticky residue, simply apply to the skin and it will leave it silky and succulently smooth.

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