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Guest Blog: Naturally Yoga, Meditation Special

Great skin starts with wellbeing. Looking after yourself, laughing & connecting with loved ones, resting when your body is tired, spending time outdoors - it all goes hand in hand.

We've teamed up with Sam at Naturally Yoga to bring you a little closer to your skin & well being goals.

Hi, I'm Sam, I love autumn  - the colours, log fires, long walks, cosy jumpers and hot chai lattes on cold dark mornings. It’s a time to slow down, unwind and change the pace.

For some people this period of adjustment can feel a little tricker, coming out of the light and stepping into the deeper, chiller evenings. Saying goodbye to the summer sun and surrendering to the new season and all it has to bring. Yoga is the perfect partner for this, linking the breath with the body and learning to let go.

Try some forward folds allowing the exhale to bring gravity through the body, pair this with some twists to help detoxify and boost your digestion. Allow the body to root and lengthen through Tree posture and Warrior II - grounding through the feet on the exhale, growing taller through the inhale. Lastly open through the side of the body to waken up and revitalise in a side plank, you can drop the bottom knee for support but keep the waist and hips lifted to build strength.

And finish in shavasana. Try the below guided meditation if this is something you struggle with. Closing the eyes, coming to lying and allowing your breath to flow. Scents can bring an extra element of calm and relaxation too so light some candles (Naughton's 3 wick ceramics are perfect for this)

Autumn also can take a toll on your skin, so treat yourself, make sometime to rest, to retreat and to recharge. Natural clay masks are perfect for this, allowing yourself time to relax & pamper yourself at the same time.

Take autumn in your stride and welcome the new season with all the gusto it deserves - letting go of the old and embracing what lies ahead.



For More information Facebook: @naturalnookyoga

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