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5 top tips for cold weather running for beginners: How to keep going

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

You've gotten over the first hurdle over lock down & ventured outside for a run (that's the hardest part so your honestly doing great!) but with us heading into the colder months how do you keep going? you will be faced with rain, wind & the bitter cold & the thought of it alone sends shivers down my spine but fear not as I'm going to give you my winning tips for stepping up your Autumn running game!

Here are my 5 top tips for upping your running game - prep now, then when the cold comes it will be a breeze!

Top Tip #1

Let's deal with the rain - it's something you will be faced with and it's one of those things that you'll look out the window & think ''sod this for a laugh'', go get a cuppa instead and curl up on the sofa with some biscuits... well although that does sound very appealing you have to be self motivated and remember that buzz you get from being outside.

Our tip is to invest in a cap. Yes not only is this a cheap affordable tip - it will also keep the rain from your face & your hair dryer too (plus it's good if your a bit on the shy side also)

There are some great ones in the sports shops or mine is a cheap one from Primark at £1.99!!!

Who said I wasn't a classy bird?! lol

Top Tip #2

Thin layers - think long sleeved top or super light weight jacket as one mile in & you will be baking!

This way you can tie them around your waist & not have to worry. I love love love a long sleeved running top - you can get them with the thumb holes too so your hands get a little extra protection at the same time so it's a win win!

Top Tip #3

Spare running clothes are a must! If you are starting out like when I did, I literally owned one pair of leggings, one sports top & that was it! But come winter, if you do get wet & yes you can wash it straight away & dry it but it's even easier if you have a spare set ready to go. I know this sounds a bit of a lame one but no one likes putting on wet trainers & in my mind I'm guessing you're going more than once a week? If not this may be the perfect excuse to up your weekly exercise! You don't have to spend the world but who doesn't like a little bit of shopping therapy anyhow?!

Top Tip #4

Keep it short but sweet. In wind & rain you don't want to be out for hours (or at least I don't) so if you are like me shorten your route but increase your speed. Download the free app map my run & you can monitor how fast you are going. Instead of a lengthly run for over an hour bring it down to half hour but actually run - not jog - I'm talking full on run for your life. If you get too tired that's ok, walk & run, walk & run.

Top Tip #5

Try & find someone just as crazy as yourself. Rope them in as the extra support will push you to go out - even more so if they pick you up on route as you'll have no excuse.

Let's face it the only person stopping you - is you. Don't hold yourself back & dig deep for that will power.

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