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Raising The Bar

The story of one girl with a passion for natural skincare

Our Aim

'' At Naughtons, we are so excited to be able to provide YOU with our natural skincare products that are luxurious, safe and exceptionally effective. We pride ourselves in using honest ingredients concentrating on quality over quantity.''

– Alexandra Naughton
Founder of Naughtons Skincare

The Future Is Natural

We have big dreams and are working hard to bring you the quality you deserve.

Its only too easy to get caught up on gimmicks or good marketing.

Our products speak for themselves.

They purify, indulge and nourish your skin leaving it smooth, soft and replenished.

The future isn't bright - its naturally radiant.

Where It All Started

Having a passion for all things botanical easily grew into wanting to know more about the properties of plants and how to incorporate that into something that would be beneficial to use.

The drugstore's “natural” products, listed ingredients we couldn't even pronounce. If you’re like us, you’ve purchased organic prestige products, hoping that they’ll hold up to their promises?

Naughtons looks to bridge the gap between those two types of products. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce, and we are committed to staying at a price point that remains accessible to our customers.

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